Block Up the Biggest Drain on Your Personal Productivity

This is probably the hardest challenge that you have to deal with to guarantee your productive time. The reason why it is so difficult is because it involves a variety of different causes.

The workplace is a primary environment for social contact and it is one of the most satisfying aspects of work. Effective teamwork requires good personal relationships and the ability to get on with other people is often the primary requisite for a job. Some jobs ask for a friendly, outgoing personality. All this is fine except that it is very easy to overdo the social side of work to the detriment of your productivity. Just keep time log for a couple of days and note the amount of time you spend socializing. You may be very surprised when you find out the total time and no doubt, you will want to make some changes.

Here are a few hints that you can use to improve your personal productivity by cutting down your social time to a reasonable amount. One of the difficult things to control are the people who visit you in your workplace. If you have a door, try closing it. If you don’t have a door, position your desk so it is facing away from the traffic flow. Train yourself not to make eye contact whilst you are working.

These next three suggestions may seem a little extreme but your personal productivity is extremely valuable to you and unwittingly you may have been attracting people in such a way that they interrupt you.

  • Don’t keep extra chairs in your office.
  • Hide your personal coffeemaker with the extra cups.
  • Make sure that you don’t have a candy jar.
  • Ensure there is nowhere to sit except your chair by piling books on flat surfaces.

One of the best remedies for extinguishing socializing is to try this. Keep a folder marked “Visitors.” In the folder keep some papers with really boring jobs on them. For example, “I’ve got a couple of minutes work to do first before we can talk, so whilst you’re sitting there would you mind totaling this column of figures for me?” You will find that people will stop coming round to interrupt you and waste your time. The sorts of boring stuff that you can put in the folder could include proofreading, the comparison of two documents or anything that requires concentration and is not creative.

If your boss drops by and wants to socialize, your strategy is to show that by limiting your socializing your boss will benefit. You can do this by emphasizing the task that he or she wants you to do for them is on your desk at the moment and you are working on it.

Create Your Personal Product Rapidly and Painlessly

Most online marketers ignore product creation for several reasons, and it is some thing that does not have to be. It is out pleasure to provide you some product creation suggestions that we feel will assist you turn out to be more open to the concept.

You are able to position your items for new and expanded company by updating any existing items you might already have. Rather than just putting in a onetime effort in creating your product, go ahead and revamp it to produce a better version. But prior to you do that, try to get as much feedback as feasible and do your personal study, as well. You’ll require to be sensitive to what you are doing and use the proper type of positioning inside your marketplace, but if done proper you will have an entirely new product to launch, again. Big corporations do this all the time, appear at Microsoft Windows and other businesses. Whenever you slow and steady move forward, you will understand that at a time will come when you are able to launch the product as a totally new one. Believe about it from the standpoint of company growth and stability simply because that is what it represents within the longer term.

Monitor present developments simply because you are able to frequently discover some real gems for product ideas. Do not be fooled by thinking this is as well easy and not worth the effort. There’s more marketplace study you require to complete, but part of it’s generating a product from the popularity of a trend. You are able to unearth these sorts of developments in several places, and tv is just one place. Besides that, another great way is to discover out about the well-liked topics by surfing the web and going via magazines. You most likely watch tv, and so you’ve seen a great deal of commercials for all sorts of pure foods and related items. You are able to develop a weight loss info product on the value of utilizing pure foods as a healthy alternative to other damaging diets. That is a extremely simplistic, but valid, approach to product creation based on hot developments.

Regardless of the niche you look at, you will discover plenty of specialists in that field. What does that mean to you? You’ve a golden opportunity to produce your product from interviews with those specialists. You could effortlessly produce a product this way with out writing one word.

Email some of those specialists in your personal niche and request an interview with them about their knowledge and expertise, and provide to give them credit within the completed product for their participation. They get the exposure, and you get the product. Everyone advantages within the end.

These are excellent suggestions on how you can produce your personal product, and they truly aren’t tough to complete or comprehend.

How to Double Your Personal Productivity in Just 30 Days – 1 – The Art of Prioritizing

How often have you said to yourself, “If only I could get twice as much done as I do now!” The good news is, you can… as long as you have the right method and the motivation to change. In this 3-part series, I’m going to teach you a step-by-step method that will allow you to double your personal productivity in just 30 days. Actually, you could do it in a week, but I prefer to allow for the fact that most people aren’t very consistent at applying new information!

There are 5 mistakes people make that cause them to struggle with low productivity and the feelings of frustration and inadequacy that brings, and I’m willing to bet you’re making some of them every day:

1. Wasting time on tasks you don’t need to do at all

2. Putting time and energy into Low Value Tasks (LVTs); tasks that have little or any impact on your bottom line or your ability to achieve your goals

3. Failing to distinguish LVTs from HVTs (High Value Tasks) correctly and failing to devote 80% of their time and energy to the HVTs

4. Not working on your HVTs when your physical and mental energy is highest

5. Allowing interruptions during your working time

What is an HVT?

A High Value Task is any task that contributes directly or indirectly to achieving your goal. In network marketing or any home business, this means an HVT is a revenue generating activity. Some revenue generating activities give direct and immediate results, such as making an offer to your list or following up with your leads, while others are more indirect, such as writing articles like this one or producing videos about your business. The direct ones generate revenue now and the indirect ones fill your bank account later.

Either way, your success will be directly proportional to the percentage of your working time you spend on those revenue generating activities. And, by the way, the same applies to a health goal, a relationship goal or even a spiritual goal. Since actions bring results, more of the right actions bring the results you want faster.

Consequently, your ability to identify your HVTs and to concentrate on them single-mindedly is your ticket to success. This is the first and most important element in prioritizing your tasks. You’re probably familiar with Dr. Steven Covey’s famous distinction between what seems “urgent” and what’s actually important. It’s no accident that what seems “urgent” is more often than not an LVT, while everything truly important is by definition an HVT. Success, therefore, requires the inner strength to resist the lure of the seemingly urgent.

Prioritizing Your Time and Energy:

Lots of people talk about prioritizing tasks, but few mention the need to prioritize your time and energy. What this means is that after you’ve identified your HVTs, you need to allocate your time and energy to accomplish them. And your success will depend on how consistently you match the Highest Value Tasks with those times of day when your mental and physical energy is at its peak.

For most people, this means first thing in the morning. True, some people can work productively late at night, but for most, creative tasks are best done early in the day. And there is a huge psychological payoff for this – if you can get your top 1-3 priorities off your plate by 10 or 11am, you feel absolutely wonderful! Developing this habit is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success in business and in life precisely because it gives you a feeling of control over your life, your work and your results.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to double your personal productivity right away, you can do so very easily by following these simple steps:

1. Distinguish your HVTs from your LVTs

2. Devote an increasing percentage of your working time to your HVTs

3. Schedule work on your HVTs for times when your mental and physical energies are at their peak

4. Schedule your HVTs so that you can complete as many of them as possible by mid to late morning each day.

In part-2 of “How to Double Your Personal Productivity in 30 Days,” I’ll share the secrets of preparation – how to prepare yourself and your workspace to guarantee your working time is much more productive than you’ve been used to. See you there!

– Dr. Symeon Rodger

How to Double Your Personal Productivity in Just 30 Days Part 3 – 3 Strategic Secrets

In parts 1 and 2 we talked about how to prioritize your tasks and prepare yourself and your work space. Those are, strictly speaking, tactical considerations, albeit vital ones. However, doubling your personal productivity depends on some work you need to do at the strategic level – work ON your business and not just IN your business.

1. Clarity is the Key:

Before you start implementing the tactical approaches to doubling your productivity that we’ve discussed, you need to take a look at the higher level of planning, the strategic level, and ask yourself:

o What single, overarching goal am I trying to achieve over the next 3-5 years?

o What shorter range goals am I trying to achieve in the next 3-12 months?

o What are my immediate objectives over the next 30-90 days?

o Why do I want to achieve any of these goals, how will this make me feel and am I strongly motivated to reach them?

Nothing is as powerful as clarity. Knowing what, when or even how won’t make you an unstoppable force. Only a strong enough reason WHY confers the inspiration and the power to move forward in spite of all obstacles.

2. Be Ruthless:

Once you’re clear on where you’re going, you need to take a hard look at what you’re actually spending your time on. First, of course, you have to KNOW what you’re really spending your time on each week. The most effective way to do this is to actually log all your activities for an entire week to see where the time really went.

Okay, I admit logging all your activities for a week isn’t fun, but it’s almost always shocking – people are literally speechless when they see how much time they’ve wasted, how little time they really spend working and how unproductive they really are. When the hard evidence is in front of you, you have to face the music – you can no longer deny the truth or continue to delude yourself.

Next you need to make a list of all the work-related task you do each week. Then, beside each one you need to make one of three things: “do it yourself”, “delegate it” or “dynamite it”. You see, there are only three ways of handling a given task – do it yourself, give it to someone else to do or simply drop it because no one will notice if it’s not done (and a surprising percentage of tasks are found in the latter category).

The secret of doubling your productivity is to make absolutely sure you’re doing High Value Tasks almost exclusively, that you’re the person best qualified to do these tasks and that you offload every other task you possibly can. After all, you have the same 24 hours in your day everyone else does, so to start focusing on the tasks that yield the greatest results inevitably means you have to stop throwing away your time and energy on lower value tasks. There’s no other way. Keep in mind that successful people are not successful because they work harder or longer; they’re successful because they use their time better than you do. Now you can join their ranks.

3. The Role of Play and Balance:

Working harder and longer are seldom the answer and certainly won’t double your productivity, which is measured by output per unit of working time. Simply increasing your working time and continuing to work inefficiently is a recipe for frustration.

Decades of studying success have proven that people who are successful over the long term tend to value life-balance much more than unsuccessful people, contrary to what you might expect. They know that “playing hard” is just as important as working hard and that the former is a precondition of the latter.

Ultimately, you’re doing what you’re doing to make yourself and your loved ones happy. However, unless you’re leading a balanced life to get there and giving time to yourself and to the people you love, you’re making yourself more and more unhappy; in other words, you’re on the wrong track. Sticking to a routine of misery will not bring you happiness, not now and not ever. You can never start building a balanced life too soon. It’s essential to doubling your productivity and becoming successful.

If you apply the strategies and tactics I’ve shared with you in this 3-part series, you’ll definitely double your productivity in short order. Once you’ve done that, drop me a line and let me know!