Focus on Your Personal Productivity Strength to Prosper Your Business

For small-business owners it is important to concentrate on personal strengths. Small business management, that is close to entrepreneurship, is about organizing economic activities and your personal economic background defines the success of these.

Production versus networking.
The term productivity is not only about producing something, which is the most common and well-known aspect; the producer who is autonomously involved in the development of a product. But productivity is also about networking and involving others. Take for instance the giant auctions on Internet. Their productivity is about matching demand and supply. is another example of the same category where the main productivity role is networking, getting people – demand and supply – together.

A next example of productivity is the supporting role. For example the web-serving-business that provides a host for your site. It is nearly invisible, but very nasty if it is not up-and-running.

A last example of productivity is the sales-role. Consultants like me have always problems with that. If it is not your strength you should connect to another parties (matching) your expertise with a demand in the market.

All four productive elements are needed to boost any business. But your strength is normally only one out of them. You are either starting a business with a sales background, a high developed intermediation skills, a development focus or with a supportive vision. You cannot excel in all four areas. However you do need all of them to prosper.

The first thing to know is what element is the one of your strength. The next thing is to determine how to fill the other gaps. If you excel in sales expertise, your main problem is defining a product that is wanted in the market. As you are aware of the volatility of consumer preferences the product demand could change over the period of time. Therefore you need to be flexible. If you are a producer of any kind, sales could be a nightmare. Trying to do it yourself will not be the best strategy. Rather attempt to cooperate with someone who does have this experience.
The networker (auctions, marketplaces, etc) needs volume. Internet is just one of the media that is offering just that. But still not everyone is a networker. If you are not in real life, your internet community will not prosper either.

If you are to start a business make sure you know where your strength is in personal productivity area. If your business is are already up-and-running but you can do with a boost, just check whether the productivity roles are balanced.

© 2005 Hans Bool / Astor White

Personalized Products – A Grand Re-Opening’s Best Friend

You might not think a lot about personalized water bottles but, if you’re a business owner, you should. I know, who am I to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. I insist and counter-insist. If you’re a business owner give personalized water bottles some thought.

Actually, give promotional products some thought. Brief review, personalized products are products that have your logo and/or a marketing message printed, lasered or painted on them. They more useful they are, the more people tend to hold on to them. Also, they hold on to them longer.

Not long ago, I was at a grand reopening for a chiropractic practice. They’re in a large building. You walk into a hallway and the first thing you see, is a fitness club. If you’re observant, you also see the chiropractic practice. Most people enter that building to go to the fitness club. Most people who go to the fitness club don’t know there’s a chiropractor just down the hall from the fitness club. Many of them need chiropractic help every now and again.

At the grand reopening, the chiropractors had great food and drinks. They had a table with business cards, fliers and copies of some articles one of the doctors had published. And a bunch of the people who worked there were on hand to greet and answer questions.

Kind of typical of grand re-openings.

But it didn’t have to be. They could have had someone give out free stuff to the people who entered the gym. There were a lot more of those than people interested in the grand re-opening. A lot more.

In my opinion, personalized water bottles would have been perfect. I mean, how many people go to the gym and don’t get thirsty? If besides the log, the personalized water bottles had a call to action, an invitation to visit a website, they’d have been perfect.

The bottles would have been of different colors and sizes. The website address would not have been the home page but a page dedicated to gathering links, perhaps a page where people could have learned about how to avoid certain gym-related injuries or, perhaps, about ways to make their workouts more meaningful or how to improve their well-being overall. The subject is not that important as many fit the bill. The information would have to be quality.

Would the people walking into the chiropractor’s office get the personalized water bottle? Yes, if they were members of the gym across the hall. But if they weren’t, perhaps promotional USB drives, pre-loaded with information on how to avoid injuries, how to diminish pain and/or how to take care of yourself, with the use of a chiropractor, to live a happier and longer life.

Well, the grand re-opening I attended gave away no gifts but the food, especially the pastries, were great. Which means that I don’t even remember the name of the chiropractic practice. I know where to find them – vaguely, though. But I don’t know their name, or their web site address.

I am sure some of the people who showed up have or will become customers. But they could have gotten more. But they did not.

It’s good to create occasions where you give yourself a chance to introduce yourself, your business, to prospects. It’s even better if you give yourself a chance to get tons of them to become paying clients. You can do it with or without promotional products. But promotional products are an inexpensive way of getting your message in front of people.

Personal Productivity – 7 Spiritual Tips to Help You Live a Life of Success and Fulfillment

Personal productivity is an area many people struggle with. Just try to find your way to a motivational seminar near you and you’ll find the streets clogged with cars and the parking lots filled to the brim. Business seminar companies rake in millions of dollars every year trying to tell you how to become more productive.

However, boosting your personal productivity does not require you to fork over thousands of dollars of your hard earned money to someone you will only see for a few minutes…while you go on to live the rest of your life still stuck with you.

Instead, if you make a daily, weekly and monthly ritual out of the suggestions below, you will find that you will boost your personal productivity and experience feelings of success and fulfillment in ways you probably have not experienced before.

1. Acknowledge Your Mortality

Most people hate to think about this. If the world continues to operate as it has for millennia, even you will die someday. This is important to remember because it frees you to think about what is really important for you to spend your life doing.

2. Set Goals And Plan Your Day

Set goals for your business, your career, your health, and even your spiritual life. Decide today how many people you want to serve or help before your time is up. Decide how many people you want to say “Thanks” to, or to say “I love you” to each week. Write down specific 3 month, 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals, and then fill out your daily calendar for each do so that you will reach your goal.

3. Live Consciously

Much of our lives are set to pre-programmed algorithms. Wake up. Clean up. Go to work. While these algorithms help us not to be stuck learning a new pattern every day, they can also become a mental crutch that robs us of our creativity and vitality. Make it a point to observe something special every day. Take a moment to think about the things you do automatically (before you do them) and decide whether they actually contribute to your goals.

4. Surrender Your Ego

As author Christine Comaford-Lynch once instructed, “Resign from being governor of the universe”. Good advice. Think about the things you can control, and recognize those that you cannot. Only hold yourself responsible for those things that you can control. By the way, be realistic about what is in your control and what is not.

5. Live an Epic-Driven Life

Dream up an exciting, inspiring and awe-inducing story (or “epic”) starring you. Then set a goal to “act out” that story. Whether you accurately live out your epic or not, you will find that you will add richness and spice to your life just by living out a series of epics – one after another.

6. Love Intentionally and Passionately

Show those around you that you love them. Not just your friends and family, but your employees, members of your community. Remember that love is an act of will – a decision you make. Love is about decision and action. The feelings just follow those around.

7. Seek Balance

Enjoy yourself, but strive for moderation. Do things that resonate with common sense. Work and play in equal parts. Include time for naps when you plan your leisure time. Take time to exercise because the research indicates that mind, body, and feelings are far more intricately connected than most of us ever acknowledge.


One of the most profound truths hidden in plain sight is that you will not “feel” successful unless you take joy in attaining every day goals. By setting and reaching personal productivity goals every single day, you increase the probability of feeling at peace with your self.

Note that personal productivity in my conception also includes spiritual productivity – the things you do to serve others, and to show them that you love them. Whether or not you reach your ultimate goal, when you are productive daily, you are successful daily.

And that’s the point.

Calibrate your goals to match your values, and then enjoy the epic-driven life you live on the way to your ultimate destination.

Personal Productivity Tips – Efficient Verses Effective Personal Productivity

‘Efficient’ has been the standard corporate buzzword for decades. For years, major companies have been desperate to improve efficiency, eliminate distractions and maximize the amount of time that their employees spend actually working.

With the changes in workplaces, the prevalence of work-at-home professions, and the dramatic differences in the way the current generation of professionals is approaching work, efficiency just doesn’t seem to cut it any more.

Nowadays, it’s about effectiveness, not efficiency. Truly effective personal productivity is the goal for employees and entrepreneurs worldwide, and efficient work is growing less and less important.

So why is efficiency less important? It comes down to the nature of the two forms of work. Simply put, you can work efficiently for 8 hours per day, cranking out work that isn’t remarkable, but bringing a level of quantity that any employer would love.

The problem is that the value of the work isn’t massive — it’s the same kind of work that could be replicated by anyone else with enough time.

Effective personal productivity is different. It’s not about cranking out work for work’s sake, it’s about selectively optimizing your work output to make sure that your work only ever results in tangible gains, remarkable work, and truly valuable results.

So next time you’ve got some time to work in, put the efficiency vs. effectiveness theory to use. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality of output, value of your work and the utility of your time.

Effective personal productivity isn’t about pumping out valueless work. To master personal productivity you need to work towards always working for value, never wasting time that could be spent improving work, and disregarding quantity as an effective measure of output.