Use Your Strengths to Boost Your Personal Productivity

Most everybody has an interest towards increasing their own personal productivity. The motivations here may differ due to varying reasons such as performance incentives at work or possibly even plain old pride. The fact is that each of us would like to be able to increase our personal performance by getting more out of our efforts. What often limits or inhibits many of us from doing so however is the time we waste trying to ‘master’ skill sets we do not tend to have. Although it is always a good idea to learn new things it is NOT always wise to ignore or under utilize what we do best. In an effort to boost our own performance level it therefore makes sense to place more emphasis on any skill sets we do have.

Here are 3 reasons WHY it is best for anybody looking to increase productivity to AVOID their weaknesses and pursue their strengths.

Progress Comes Quicker

By focusing on your strengths you will be in your comfort zone and be able to be making continual progress. In this way most all your efforts will be constructive and will keep you moving in the right direction.

Trying to do everything yourself especially when it involves some things that require you to stop what you are doing in order to develop a new skill is inefficient. Sure it would be nice to ‘know everything’ but the constant disruptions you encounter by stopping to learn a new skill offset the benefits you may gain. This is not the way to increase productivity but it will help to increase your frustration so if frustration is what you want you will be successful.

Always Moving Forward

And speaking of frustration once that starts to set in than errors begin to multiple leading to a loss of time and progress since these errors will need to be fixed. This is a bad cycle to be caught up in and can easily have you going in a direction that you did not originally intend.

On the other hand by emphasizing your strengths you are less likely to make mistakes or experience disruptions. This results in the continual progress that will propel you forward and closer to your goals. Every effort is more likely to be constructive in nature and the more these efforts are repeated the more you improve you own personal performance as well. Remember practice makes perfect!

Momentum Develops

By making continual progress it is much easier to build up your momentum which increases your motivation resulting in a greater output. The more you focus on the skill sets you do have the more you improve your personal performance which helps increase productivity. This is the type of cycle you want to create and get caught up in since momentum is the key to any accomplishments of significance.

For anybody with an interest in boosting their own personal productivity it always makes sense to do what you do best. By utilizing the skill sets you are proficient at you will not only improve your personal performance but also experience progress more rapidly. The 3 reasons cited above demonstrate how progress and success can be achieved by allowing your strengths to compensate for your weaknesses. Go with what you do know or can do and leave the rest for somebody else to manage.

Improve Personal Productivity: 7 Little-Known Tips For Getting It All Done

If you have a full, busy life, you probably often wonder how you can possibly fit everything into your day without giving up your valuable free time. The solution to this is much simpler than you may think, and this article will show you everything you need to know to improve personal productivity, and get more done starting today.

Just get started

Often just getting started holds us back. Get in the habit of just hopping right in without hesitation. You can often go for hours once you take that first simple step.

Complete the tasks that you dread the most right away in the morning

You will improve personal productivity, because you will have removed the things which would otherwise weigh heavily on your mind throughout the day. As a result you will be able to give greater attention to the rest of your to do list.

Write down any thoughts or ideas that cross your mind

This allows you to clear your mind so that you aren’t constantly reminding yourself mentally of every little thing. This one makes a big difference. A modern alternative is to take notes in your cell phone.

Eat lighter foods early in the day

You can spend between 40 and 60% of your personal energy on digestion. By eating only light foods, such as fruit, early in the day you will be able to put more of your energy into knocking out your to-do list. Save the heavier foods such as meat and potatoes for dinner.

Keep a bottle of water close at hand

The more convenient something is the more likely you are to do it. If you allow yourself to become dehydrated, your personal energy will drop, and you will struggle to focus on the task at hand.

Get some exercise mid-day

You can improve personal productivity by getting some form of exercise each day. It could be something as simple as taking a walk on your lunch break. Exercise will further raise your personal so that you can keep going.

Avoid multi-tasking at all costs

Research shows that multi-tasking is not effective. If you want to improve personal productivity, focus on one task at a time, without allowing yourself to be distracted.

I guarantee you that by implementing these simple changes you can dramatically improve personal productivity and get more done. Often, it is the case that the simplest changes we make can have the greatest impact.

How to Boost Personal Productivity Working Online

Your personal productivity when working online is a key factor in the level of overall success you will achieve. One of the first things you need to do is learn to make better use of time because as an entrepreneur you will have many responsibilities. Ultimately your key to success will be your ability to increase productivity by improving your skill sets and better managing your day.

Here are 3 time management tips you can use to make the most out of your online efforts helping you to increase productivity and also your bottom line as well!

Plan Your Day – Offline

By planning your day offline, I mean get away from the computer to do so since there are way too many distractions to be found on the internet. It is way too easy to check email, or see what’s in the news, and before you know it, you have clicked on a link, and have been surfing the web for an hour already! If you want to increase productivity then learn to make the best use of time you can and this will require focus. Schedule your day, review what you have scheduled, make revisions if necessary and be done with it!

Set Time Limitations

This will work like an egg-timer for you and if fact if one is available use it. By setting a definitive time schedule on any task you are undertaking, you will find yourself working with more focus and in an efficient manner. In a manner of speaking you have created a sense of urgency by establishing a time limit on each task! Deadlines place some pressure on you, motivating you to perform, thereby helping you to increase productivity.

Tackle Toughest Assignments First

Take advantage of your own energy level by tackling the toughest or most ‘dreaded’ assignments early on in your work day. Whether you are working online or off this approach helps to ‘pave’ the way for an easier day once these tougher assignments have been accomplished. The ‘psychological’ anvil has now been lifted, renewing your confidence and vigor to accomplish even more. You are now on a roll!

Your own personal productivity is a leading factor in how much success you can expect when working online. Since you will have many responsibilities, and little help managing them, you will need to take measures to make the best use of time that you can. The 3 time management tips reviewed above focus on proper planning and use of your own energy levels to help you operate at your best. By doing so, you will than be able to increase productivity in a more efficient manner. After all what good is success if you have no time to enjoy it?

How to Improve Your Personal Productivity and Achieve More

We have heard many people say, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” And we have probably said it ourselves. If you want to achieve more in any given time span, stop and take stock of what you’re doing. The chances are that you suffer from interruptions, a lack of planning and jumbled priorities.

To achieve more, you need to eliminate or minimize interruptions. These are the things that steal your time and distract you from your objectives. Secondly, if you don’t plan to be effective, you won’t be. Your personal productivity will suffer without effective planning. Thirdly, unless you have clear priorities your days will be unproductive. The combination of these three factors will gobble up your time to the point where you will feel busy but achieve little.

When you take stock of your particular circumstances remind yourself of the 80/20 rule. This is the approximate rule that you can apply to improving your personal productivity. It’s not exact because sometimes the ratios will be 60/40. Just remember that 80% of your time is spent with 20% of your customers. By the same token these 20% of your customers create 80% of your problems.

To put this into context, 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers. If you identify these customers, you can work towards developing more of a similar type that will increase your profit.

From a personal productivity point of view it is wise to remember that 20% of your effort produces 80% of your results. It makes sense to isolate that effort that produces those results and duplicate it.

You will waste 80% of your time through interruptions, a lack of planning and unclear priorities. The secret of achieving more in less time is to increase your productive time by reducing interruptions, better planning and setting clear priorities.

Make a list of your interruptions over the period of a week. Assemble them into columns, those that you create yourself and those that are created by other people. Interruptions to yourself can be dealt with relatively easily. This means not surfing the web when you should be focused on the task in hand.

You will improve your planning if you plan each day the evening before. Never write a “to do list” that contains more than five items. Put these items in priority of doing the worst one first. This means every time you complete a task, the next one will be more enjoyable. This little tactic will motivate you to achieve more.

To improve your personal productivity, you must stop and look at what you’re doing. It’s very hard to improve without this objective self-assessment.