Passion and Personal Productivity

We all want to be more productive. We have a natural human desire to achieve. We have desires, goals and dreams. We crave getting from “here” to “there” and we and to find the way to make that trip as quickly and efficiently as possible. That requires a high degree of personal productivity.

Being productive is more than simply trading out couch and television time for more work. It’s not just a matter of having the right blueprints and flowcharts in front of us (though a good plan certainly can help). The real trick to becoming more productive is to follow our hearts. It might sound hokey, but you can maximize your personal productivity by following your most deeply held passions.

When we encounter uninteresting jobs and tasks, it’s hard to complete them. Why is it so tough to get those annoying things done when it’s so easy to tackle a project that fascinates us? Passion leads to engagement. Engagement boosts productivity. It’s that simple.

You’re never going to find a situation where you exclusively do things you love. Life isn’t quite that pleasant, no matter who you are. You’ll always have chores and responsibilities that you don’t like. However, even those are easier to manage when you know that you’re going to spend the bulk of your times engaging your passions.

Think about what really excites you. What do you love? What matters most to you? What are your passions? Isolate them and look at them carefully. Then, look at your life. How much of your time revolves around those passions? Are they part of your everyday life? Are they central to your employment or work situation?

If you notice a gap between your passions and your real-life schedule, it’s time to make adjustments. It’s time to commit yourself to pursuing the things that matter–to making them an integral part of your life. When you make that shift, you’ll suddenly discover just how incredibly productive you really can be.

The adjustment isn’t necessarily easy. You might have to make a few big changes. But when you do, you’ll find yourself happier. You’ll notice that you’re moving from “here” to “there” at rocket speed. You’ll finally understand what drives real personal productivity.